Donations 2019

autumn 2019

Project title Institution
Recipient Donation
Probabilistic Framework for Agent-Based Modeling within Public Spaces Aalborg University
Dept. of Civil Engineering
José Guadalupe
DKK 350,000 
Purchase of equipment:
FlowCam 8400
Aalborg University
Dept. of Civil Engineering
Jes Vollertsen DKK 386,500 
Enhancing ecosystem services by innovative remediation using gentle remediation options (ECO-GRO) COWI AB / Chalmers University of Technology
Water & Environment West
Paul Drenning SEK 600,000 
Connections for concrete elements. Industrial PhD project: "Development of calculation models for looped wire connections"


Transport Infrastructure, DK South

Søren Gustenhoff Hansen  DKK 650,000
Tools for strengthening pedestrian contribution to sustainable urban mobility COWI A/S
Urban Planning and Transport
Rasmus Guldborg Jensen DKK 3,999,916 
Autonomous public transportation and micro mobility in Nordic sustainable urban developments COWI AS
Transportation and Urban Planning
Jørgen Pedersen DKK 3,000,000 


spring 2019

Project title Institution
Recipient Donation
Purchase of a microwave reactor for technical development on precious metal recycling from Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE)

University of Southern Denmark

Dept. of Chemical Engineering, Biotechnology and Environmental Technology

Shuang Ma Andersen DKK 194,021

Measurement and prediction of heavy precipitation

Research stay at the University of Missouri

Aalborg Universitet

Department of Civil Engineering

Søren Thorndahl DKK 50,000
Ice loads on piles COWI AB
Henrik Mayor SEK 150,000
International conference about risk management for innovation. SRA Nordic 2019

Technical University of Denmark

Dept. of Management Engineering

Igor Kozin DKK 30,000
10th International conference on Modelling and Integrated Assessment

Technical University of Denmark

Dept. of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering

Krist V. Gernaey DKK 50,000
Towards the understanding of concrete abrasion in hydraulic structures - testing and modeling
Aarhus University/COWI BTM
Min Wu / Carola Edvardsen DKK 1,000,000
Rising damp in historic buildings. Documentation of damp-proofing and drain at Hørsholm Church
Poul Klenz Larsen DKK 262,400
Travelling exhibition "Ørsted på ny". As part of H.C. Ørsted 2020, Denmark celebrates H.C. Ørsteds discovery of electromagnetism
Technical University of Denmark
Rasmus Larsen DKK 250,000
Regenerating antifreeze fluid by ice heat pump

Technical University of Denmark

Dept. of Civil Engineering

Lei Fang DKK 499,650
Characterisation of the flow properties of green concrete for 3D printing

Technical University of Denmark

Mechanical Engineering

Jon Spangenberg DKK 60,070 
Construction Transformation

Technical University of Denmark

Dept. of Technology, Management and Economics

Christian Thuesen DKK 250,000 
Tool for assessing groundwater pesticide sensitivity COWI A/S
Marianne Jeppesen DKK 675,847 
Nordic Steel 2019 Dansk Stålinstitut
Jørn Nielsen DKK 50,000
Automated manufacturing of smart tunnel segments

Strathclyde University

Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Chris Hoy GBP 45,000 
Stability optimisation of twin-box girders


BTM, Bridges International

Maja Rønne DKK 650,000 



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