Eligible projects are characterised by high professional standards, long-term value for the community and social responsibility. Results of projects or activities that receive donations must generally be accessible to the public.


When awarding donations, priority is given to applicants from countries in which the COWI Group is established and projects relating to the COWI Group's professional fields of activity.

Universities, research institutes, well-established organisations or individuals are eligible for donations. Activities that receive donations must normally be anchored in a solid professional environment.

Major donations that fall within an overall theme may be granted for projects or programmes that extend over several years, often jointly with parties who both contribute financially and participate actively in the projects. COWI Group specialist units may participate in such projects.

Small donations may be given to specific projects with long-term perspectives.


High professional standards, long-term value and social responsibility are the conditions to be met in order to receive a donation.

Projects or activities that receive donations from the foundation must comply with COWI's values.

As a general rule, the results from projects that receive donations MUST be publishable.

The projects

Examples of areas that that are eligible for donations:

  • New research areas
  • Research equipment
  • Professorships (short-term)
  • Organisation and execution of conferences
  • Industrial PhD studies for employees in a COWI Group company within strategic research areas.

Areas that are NOT eligible for donations:

  • Activities in connection with MA studies (e.g. MSc (Eng.), MSc, MSc in Mathematics and Economics and MSc in Economics), including study trips and the like
  • MBA and MBA type studies, including LLM studies
  • Salary and salary related expenses in connection with PhD studies and the like. However, this does not apply for COWI industrial PhD studies. See above.
  • Expenses related to PhD studies. Donations are only granted to special expenses, e.g. research equipment and very high travel and accommodation expenses in connection with research studies. However, this does not apply for COWI industrial PhD studies. See above.
  • Participation in conferences
  • Publishing of books
  • Language studies
  • Group study trips
  • Internships
  • Already incurred expenses
  • Projects in geografically small areas, where the project has only value locally.

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