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COWIfonden is a commercial, independent Danish foundation set up to develop the COWI Group in cooperation with its management and employees.

Origin and purpose

COWIfonden was created in 1973, when the former partners transferred ownership to a private limited company with COWIfonden as the sole owner.

In 2010, a new group structure was set up with COWI Holding A/S as the parent company. COWIfonden is the majority shareholder in the parent company, which in turn is the majority shareholder – either directly or indirectly – of all the companies in the COWI Group.

Apart from COWIfonden, employees in a number of COWI Group Companies as well as external board members on the board of directors of COWI Holding A/S and COWIfonden can buy shares in COWI Holding A/S.

According to its charter, COWIfonden is obliged to:

  • Support and expand the COWI Group.
  • Support relevant activities, primarily within areas related to the COWI Group's business and in particular within postgraduate studies and research.

Vision and mission

The COWI Group is a leading consultancy firm that offers its unique services in selected markets.

The COWI Group is a profitable and competitive firm in Denmark as well as internationally.

The COWI Group delivers consultancy services of the highest quality  and professional standards and at the same time remains a desirable workplace.

All units in the COWI Group conduct their business within the overall framework of the following set of values:

  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Independence
  • Professional capability
  • Freedom

The Foundation makes substantial donations to research and development projects at universities or research institutes that have a long-term effect and perspective inside the COWI Group's fields of activity.

Five important roles

COWIfonden has identified the following primary goals:

  • To be an active and competent owner with a profound interest in the COWI Group's business and development.
  • To ensure stability and continuity in the development of the COWI Group.
  • To utilise the benefits of the present ownership structure to ensure a strong and financially stable foundation for the long-term development of the COWI Group.
  • To facilitate a high professional level in COWI Group companies and within engineering consultancy in general.
  • To support relevant purposes through donations, primarily within the COWI Group's  fields of activity and in particular within postgraduate studies and research.

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