donations 2015

autumn 2015

Project title Institution Applicant Donation DKK
Researchers use new technology to measure groundwater AU - Engineering Jacob Juul Larsen 300,000
PROCEED-2-WORK AAU/UNESCO Anette Kolmos 100,000
Donation from COWIfonden for research in water treatment at Aalborg University AAU - Biology and Environ-mental Science &
Peter Roslev 247,500
International research cooperation - Risk-informed decision making for sustainable and resilient infrastructure systems DTU - Civil Engineering Michael Havbro Faber 125,000
Aerodynamic testing of triplet-deck bridge SDU - Technology and Innnovation Michael Styrk Andersen 105,000
International Water Association MEWE 2016 conference DTU - Environment Barth Smets 50,000
Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Beams and Slabs AU - Ingeniør-højskolen (ASE) Jakob Fisker 260,000
Treatment of groundwater by means of electric current COWI A/S and DTU Civil Engineering Bente Højlund Hansen 650,000
Innovative design of steel girders for cable-stayed bridges COWI A/S Henrik Polk 450,000
Energy-efficient renovation in Scandinavia COWI A/S, NTNU and Lund University Per Haugaard 1,500,000
360° insight for business decisions - Using natural capital accounting to take informed decisions COWI A/S, KU and Lund University Jesper Karup Pedersen 2,500,000

spring 2015

Project title Institution Applicant Donation DKK
COWIfonden supports Unge Forskere (Young Researchers) Danish Science Factory Mikkel Bohm 150,000 
The engineers' cultural heritage becomes digital IDA - Historisk Teknologi (HITEK) Palle Sørensen 50,000
Science education for youths Ungdommens Naturvidenskabelige Forening Helene Tallaksen 50,000
The ServDes 2016 project AAU - Design and Media Technology Nicola Morelli 30,000
Accelerated expansion caused by alkali-silica reactions SDU - Innovation og teknologi Søren Gustenhoff Hansen 70,000
Selection of Ground Motion Prediction Equations for Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Assessment COWI A/S and Middle East Tech. University Giovanni Li Destri Nicosia 73,874
Microbial societies in water and soil AU - Bioscience Hans Brix 130,247
Measurement of the indoor climate in residential buildings - purchase of measuring instruments AAU / SBi Ahsan Iqbal 74,450
The shops in the city - a toolkit for the municipalities COWI A/S - Planning and Transport (1104) Torsten Bo Jørgensen 166,000
Internet/video publication of experimental verification of non-oscillating bridge cross section COWI A/S - Bridges International (1751) Allan Larsen 55,000
Assessment of Flame Retardants and their Application to Promote Life Safety DTU - BYG Rolff Ripke Leisted 380,000
IASTE: International experience for scientifi students IAESTE Danmark Theis Rune 20,000
Innovation and development in the Danish construction sector CBS - Organisation Andreas Kamstrup  25,000
Distance management and psychosocial work environment in knowledge work DTU - Management Engineering Christine Ipsen 17,000
Burning of oil as a response method to oil spills in the Arctic DTU - BYG Laurens van Gelderen 23,000
Corrosion resistance of steel fibre reinforced concrete structures DTU, VIA UC and COWI A/S (dept. 1706) Victor Marcos Meson 450,000

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