Donations 2023

Project title Organisation  Applicant Donations 
Innovative research projects
Preparation of applications   DKK 100,000
Modelling framework for design of solid reinforced concrete structures -with focus on cracked behaviour in the serviceability limit state Technical University of Denmark. Department of Civil and Mechanical Engineering Linh C. Hoang DKK 5,986,380
Industrial PhD
The value creations of transformation architecture 
The Royal Danish Academy / Arkitema Denmark. Transformation/Culture business area + Innovation  Jonas Flyckt-Nielsen   DKK 500,000
Microwave-based ice-detection system for cable-supported bridges  COWI North America Ltd. 5762 Operations, North  Don Bergman   CAD 98,600
Required Damping for Bridge Stay Cables  COWI A/S, Transportation International. Business Line International, Depart. 1702 Bridges International  Vitor Diniz Pinto   DKK 700,000
Data-driven predictive maintenance of rails COWI A/S. Department 1502 Railways and Metro Albert Skovgaard Bisgaard DKK 500,000
Architectural Design Strategies for New Generation Energy Buildings (NGEB): Towards a future with limited resources The Royal Danish Academy/Arkitema: Energy, Water & Industry (Commercial) Sander Løkkegaard Benner DKK 700,000
Research and development
Independent R&D funding of Aquateam COWI as a research organisation 
Aquateam COWI AS   Hanne Th. Bonge-Hansen  NOK 4,500,000
Enhancing cycling safety analyses from naturalistic data by combining automated fine-grained classification and expert-based traffic conflict assessment Aalborg University. Department of the Built Environment Giulio Bianchi Piccinini DKK 899,985
Living with Darkness. Human experience of space, nature, and perceived safety in the dark hours Aalborg University Copenhagen. Architecture, Design and Media Technology Mette Hvass DKK 130,000
Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs) for separation and recovery of key rare earth elements (REEs) from residual waste materials Technical University of Denmark. DTU Sustain. Depart. of Environmental and Resource Engineering Menghao Qin DKK 1,303,574
Towards a simpler durability prediction to accommodate a documented durability demand in the 2nd sustainability wave DTU Sustain. Environmental and Resource Engineering Inge Rörig-Dalgaard DKK 981,379
Visiting professorship
Professorships (shorter periods), Dr. Andy Persily fra NIST, USA 
Technical University of Denmark. Department of Environmental and Resource Engineering, DTU SUSTAIN  Pawel Wargocki   DKK 30,000
The Royal Danish Academy. Institute of Architecture and Technology  Mette Ramsgaard Thomsen   DKK 76,800
Sustainable Infrastructure Leadership Summit, Enhancing Delivery, Innovation and Collaboration COWI International Randi M. Christensen DKK 80,000
Financial support for external research stay during PhD study: What really happens to bioplastics when we throw them away? DTU Sustain. Environmental and Resource Engineering Sevil Vafadar Afshar DKK 28,000
Instrumentation of outer walls for testing of sustainable building envelope solutions 
Technical University of Denmark. DTU Sustain - Department of Environmental and Resource Engineering  Carsten Rode   DKK 515,330
Measurement Equipment for the AU Wave Flume Aarhus University. Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering  Julie Kristoffersen   DKK 244,987
Support for Doctors Without Borders’ efforts to earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria Doctors Without Boarders Anne-Mette Krøyer DKK 500,000
Young Scientist Denmark - Unge Forskere 2024-25 Astra Katrine Bruhn Holck DKK 200,000

Fast & Furious Innovation Initiatives

Climate data tool for Climate Risk and Vulnerability Analysis BL Denmark - BU6 Global Advisory.
1601, Policy, Planning and Infrastructure Development
Raphaël Payet-Burin DKK 100,000
Survey of the rare and endangered bee Osmia maritima BL Norway - BU Transport and Urban Planning.
3504, Spatial planning and landscape architecture
Kaj-Andreas Hanevik DKK 100,000
Life cycle assessment (LCA) of a Carbon Capture Utilization (CCU) process BL Sweden - BU Industry
2212, Project and Process
Karin Carlqvist DKK 75,000
Full scale testing of Geo Grids in base course and subbase course in order to archive savings on materials, with the goal of enhancing sustainability in road construction BL Denmark - BU5 Transportation.
1551, Transportation Infrastructure, DK North
Anne Richter Jungersen DKK 50,000
Non-linear time-domain buffeting response simulations of long-span bridges BL International - BU Transportation International. 1702 Bridges International  Michael Styrk Andersen DKK 100,000
Analysis and optimization of medical gas and compressed air systems in hospitals BL Norway - BU Buildings. 3201 Buildings Central North  Ole Øiene Smedegård

DKK 50,000

Airborne ground penetrating radar (GPR) for investigation of sub surface peat bog surveys BL Norway - Water and Environment. 3660 Environment Eivind Støren DKK 100,000
Greenhouse gas assessment of reducing both the inflow and outflow of water into water and sewer pipelines BL Norway - BU Water and Environment. 3604 Regional management, Water 1 Lene Grimsrud DKK 100,000
Maintenance of nature-based solution - collecting actual cost numbers BL Norway - BU Transport and Urban Planning. 3501 Spatial Planning and Transportation Marianne Berge DKK 100,000
Survey of rare and endangered bees, and potential new species for Norway due to climate change BL Norway - BU Transport and Urban Planning. 3504 Spatial planning and landscape architecture Kaj-Andreas Hanevik DKK 100,000
Conference presentation with an innovative format BL Norway - BU Buildings. 3201.05 Acoustics Svein Folkvord DKK 50,000
Determination of distribution coefficients for PFAS compounds in soil and groundwater BL Denmark - BU Society and Utilities. 1203 Environment and Resources Bo Tegner Bay
DKK 75,000
Utilization of alternative water resources for the PtX industry BL International - BU Energy International. 1771 Green Fuels and Energy Michelle Lison Rebsdorf DKK 100,000
Professional testing and feedback regarding - Development of a national method for mapping of urban nature BL Denmark - BU Society and Utilities. 1207 Nature and Areas Torben Ebbensgaard DKK 100,000
Correlation for determination of undrained shear strength in soft soils BL Denmark - BU Transportation. 1531 Transportation, DK Central Emil Brandt DKK 100,000
Doughnut Economics - Development of cross-disciplinary approaches to assist the application of the “Doughnut” ideas to Danish municipalities BL Denmark - BU2 Society & Utilities. Green Transition Advisory Anne-Mette Manelius DKK 100,000
Tool to enhance the results of city-level projects in low urban contexts BL Denmark - BU6 Global Advisory. 1601 Policy, Planning and Infrastructure Development Helle Qwist-Hoffmann DKK 75,000
Catalogue of opportunities for service life extension of orthotropic steel bridge deck BL Denmark - BU Transportation. Dept. 1511 Bridges and Civil Structures Jakob Laigaard Jensen DKK 100,000
Key contribution at several international conferences and expert groups  concerning pool facilities and synthetic turf system design, construction, and  operation BL Norway - BU Buildings. Building 3201 Bjørn Aas DKK 50,000
Quantifying the Influence of the Pool Cover on the Water Evaporation Rate in Indoor Swimming Halls BL Norway - BU Buildings. 3201 Central North Ole Øiene Smedegård DKK 100,000
Investigating how to improve local climate modelling by using high resolution meteorological inputs BL Sweden - BU Civil. Water and Environment Marie Haeger-Eugensson DKK 100,000
Concept Spaceplanning – Working with placeholder for room data and footprints in early design stages BL Arkitema. Department Arkitema Innovation Mikkel Printz DKK 100,000
Artificial Intelligence in Architecture BL Arkitema - BU Business Development. Competition and Development Department Aarhus Allan Mulvad Kristensen DKK 100,000 

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