donations 2017

autumn 2017

 Project title Institution Recipient Donation DKK
Advancing Life Cycle Engineering to meet United Naion's Sustainable Development Goals DTU - Management Engineering Michael Hauschild 90,000
Thermally Responsive Building Envelopes AAU - Depart. of Architecture, Design and Media Technology Isak Worre Foged  100,000
Implementation of Bayesian Updating for Service Life Assess-ments of Concrete Structures - Phase 1 COWI North America, Ltd. - Dept. 5210 Bridge Anne-Marie Langlois 400,000
Financial support for the experimental part of the industrial PhD "Strength of cracked concrete - shear behaviour of arch-shaped members" COWI A/S - Marine and Foundation Engineering Jens-Christian Kragh-Poulsen 365,000
Måling og kvantificering af klimagasser og ammoniak fra komposteringsanlæg DTU - Environment Charlotte Scheutz 400,000
Oil heating system. Experimentation with heat exchangers and power cycles DTU - Mechanical Engineering Fredrik Haglind 273,835
Waste to Value COWI AS (Norway), NTNU, DTU and COWI A/S Tore Kofstad 2,530,000 NOK
How do we ensure that our infrastructure lasts a hundred years? A geomechanical approach to sustainable design of infrastructure and construction COWI A/S and DTU Civil Engineering Emil Mejlhede Kinslev 600,000

spring 2017

Project title Institution  Recipient Donation DKK
Turnover and exchange of CO2 in small lakes. Fresh waters - a window for CO2 degassing KU - Dept. of Biology Kaj Sand Jensen 239,491
Equipment for precision measuring of movements in pile foundations - by means of fibre-optic sensors AU - Engineering Kenny Kataoka Sørensen 150,000
Optimisation of groundwater model predictions using advanced calibration techniques COWI (Ground-water and Geoscience) / GEUS Sachin Karan 475,140
Is tomorrow's wetter nature top of class or a sinner in terms of climate? Is tomorrow's wetter nature top of class or a sinner in terms of climate? Jesper Riis Christiansen 321,735
Improved understanding of the major-hazard potential of large fuel depots COWI - Major Bridges International Frank Hedlund 230,000
Research stay at the Institute for Choice, University of South Australia: Modelling the impacts of lifestyle variables and space/time constraints on departure time decision DTU - Management Engineering Mikkel Thorhauge 50,000
Funding for European conference on environmental law, organised by Aarhus University and the University of Copenhagen AU (Dept. of Law) / KU (Food and Resource Economics) Birgitte Egelund Olsen 50,000
Strength of cracked concrete - shear behaviour of arch-shaped members COWI (Marine and Foundation Engineering), DTU Civil Engineering and AU Engineering Jens-Christian Kragh-Poulsen 450,000
Supporting water infrastructure investment planning with hydroeconomic models COWI (Water) / DTU ENV / MIT Raphaël Payet-Burin 520,000

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