donations 2016

autumn 2016

Project title Institution  Recipient Donation DKK
External research stay at MIT, USA DTU - Civil Engineering Panagiota Gianniou 55,500
Considering sustainability in every-day decisons DTU Peter Fantke 228,311
Research equipment for simulating contamination of drinking water supply AAU Rafael Wisniewski 221,113
Development of triple box girder SDU Michael Styrk Andersen 135,000
General Design of Hollow RC Sections under Combined Actions COWI A/S Kenneth Cassias Kleissl 90,000
Hygrothermal conditions and pollutant emissions from zero waste materials and their effects on humans and indoor environment quality DTU - Civil Engineering Barbora Krejcirikova 30,000
The energy consumption of swimming baths COWI AS and NTNU Erik Rigstad 600,000 NOK
UAV-based structural health monitoring of civil infrastructure COWI A/S, DTU and AAU Alessandro Parodi 450,000
Railroad asset detection COWI A/S and KU Søren Andersen 450,000
Business Model Innovation - Successfully leading business model innovation in large project-based organizations COWI A/S and AU Kristian Løbner 450,000
Virtual reality in construction
AAU, COWI A/S and BIM Equity Jørgen Storm Emborg 2,504,225
Process-plants treating organic waste and municipal sludge - Producers of green energy, fertilizers and bio products AAU and Aquateam COWI AS Eilen Arctander Vik 2,850,000

spring 2016

Project title Institution Recipient Donation DKK
Welding Residual Stresses in Offshore Steel Structures DTU Civil Engineering Michael Joachim Andreassen 344,250
Equipment for measuring ultrafine particles (PM0.1) in the air DTU Environment Teis Nørgaard Mikkelsen 93,650
Advanced TOC analyser for determination of Total Organic Cabon and Total nitrogen in water samples Aquateam COWI Mona Eftekhar Dadkhah 395,000 NOK
Measuring and quantifying gas emissions from energy and waste treatment plants DTU Environment Charlotte Scheutz
ATV's Science and Engineering Project ATV Lia Leffland
Thermogravimetric analysis for the development of sustainable cementitious materials AU - Chemistry Wolfgang Kunther 340,000
A pilot study on the applicability of scaling as means to improve the consistency of climate model ensembles DTU Management Engineering Martin Drews 150,000
Data loggers and sensors for measuring the performance of membrane-based enthalpy recovery units SBi/AAU Copenhagen Ahsan Iqbal 65,000
Modelling of the load carrying capacity of concrete bridges combined with in situ monitoring COWI A/S and DTU Civil Engineering Thomas Westergaard Jensen 450,000

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