Project title Organisation Applicant Donations
Fast & Furious Innovation Initiatives
Greenhouse gas assessment of reducing outflow of water into water and sewer pipelines BL Norway - BU Water and Environment. 
3605 Regional management, Water 2
Lene Grimsrud DKK 100,000
Green Industrial Waterfronts:  Opportunities, Challenges & Solutions for the Urban Industrial Waterfront
BL International - BU North America, Operations, East Consulting Inc. Marine Jennifer Marie Norton DKK 100,000
Compiling data for PFAS compounds in soil and groundwater
BL Denmark - BU Society and Utilities.
1203 Environment and resources
Kirsten Rügge DKK 50,000
Potential of AI, LinkedData and BIM in the Construction Industry BL Denmark - BU Buildings and Arkitema. Group Digital Transformation Niels Treldal DKK 100,000
Research of wave and current dynamics for offshore wind structures subject to  extreme seabed lowering conditions at shallow locations BL International - BU Energy International. 1717 Wind Energy and Renewables Management Eduardo Calderon Asensio DKK 100,000
Modelling strategies for seismic design of jacketed offshore wind turbines  including the effect of kinematic amplification  BL International - BU Energy International. Offshore Wind and Renewable Energy Giovanni Li Destri Nicosia DKK 100,000
Valuation of Wetlands in the Context of the EU Emission Trading System (EU  ETS) and current nature value system in development projects in Norway, exemplified by wetland carbon and CO₂ mapping in Karmøy, Norway BL Norway - BU Energy, Climate and Water. 3660 Regional Management, Environment Christian Rekve Bryn DKK 100,000
Regenerative Urban Environments: A White Paper on a Solution for Traffic Noise Pollution and Biodiversity Enhancement - using Construction Waste and Computational Design BL Denmark - BU2 Society and Utilities. 1205 Urban Planning & Transport Jon Thorsteinn Johannsson DKK 100,000
Technical Circular Development for Bridge Design Topics BL International - BU North America. Operations, North Aaron Ferguson DKK 100,000
eDNA metabarcoding as a supplement to conventional fieldwork BL Denmark - BU Society & Utilities. 1207 Nature and Areas Malthe Aslak Nebel Sohn DKK 100,000 
Extension of the SMCI – Spatial Mutually Constrained Inversion BL International - BU Energy International. 1717 Wind Energy & Renewables Management Ole Frits Nielsen DKK  100,000 

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