donations 2022

Project title




Innovative research projects

Preparation of applications



DKK 100,000

Floating Offshore Solar Research Facility

COWI A/S - Wind Energy and Renewables Management

Carlos García Suárez

DKK 5,088,925

Industrial Ph.D.

Substitution of natural aggregates in concrete applications

Bridges International

Anders Hedegaard Jensen

DKK 700,000

Concrete without cement – Investigations of material properties with a focus on real structural applications

COWI A/S - Tunnels and Underground Infrastructure

Marvin Glissner

DKK 700,000

An Evaluation Framework for Social Sustainability in Urban Housing Areas

COWI A/S - Urban Planning and Transport

Jesper Bredgaard

DKK 500,000

Upgrading of the load carrying capacity of concrete structures

COWI A/S - Transport Infrastructure

Kenneth Dahl Schiøttz Damsgaard

DKK 650,000

Combined in-plane and out-of-plane shear in concrete shell structures - to avoid replacements of existing concrete bridges without shear reinforcement

COWI A/S - Transport Infrastructure

Søren Gustenhoff Hansen

DKK 700,000

Research and development

Wellbeing, Health and Performance Promoted by Visual and Thermal Stimuli: Fenestration Design to Support People's Indoor Environment Needs

Technical University of Denmark -
Dept. of Environmental and Ressource Engineering

Jørn Toftum and Natalia Giraldo Vasquez

DKK 177,000

COWI as partner in research project "HECTAPUS"

COWI AS - Management Buildings

Erik Rigstad

NOK 360,000

Simplified method for the assessment of the cyclic degradation of coarse-grained material


Majid Goodarzi

DKK 1,079,705

Practical guidelines to resilient urban planning against heat stress

COWI SE; Gothenburg university; COWI DK

Marie Haeger-Eugensson

DKK 2,000,000

Efficient numerical modelling methods for design and analysis of ultra-large floating wind turbines II - EMULF II

COWI - Energy International

Volkert Oosterlaak

DKK 2,080,000

Remediation of PFAS in groundwater

COWI A/S - Dept. 1203, Environment and People

Kirsten Rügge

DKK 1,495,162

On CO2 efficiency and trade-offs between safety and sustainability in the built environment - Phase II

Aalborg University - Department of the Built Environment

Michael Havbro Faber

DKK 620,000

Efficient Added Mass Calculations for Large and Complex Floating Offshore Structures

Technical University of Denmark - Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science (DTU Compute)

Allan Peter Engsig-Karup

DKK 339,861

Visiting professorship

Application for support for research stay at Harvard University, Boston, USA.

Technical University of Denmark.
DTU Manangement

Anders Fjendbo Jensen

DKK 31,000


BuildSim Nordic Conference - keynote speakers

Technical University of Denmark.
Dept. of Civil and Mechanical Engineering

Christian A. Hviid

DKK 30,700


Purchase of a Combined DSC and TGA Equipment

Aarhus University
Dept. Civil and Architectural Engineering

Min Wu

DKK 431,432

Aerosol measuring equipment for teaching and research at DTU Sustain

Technical University of Denmark - DTU Sustain

Teis Nørgaard Mikkelsen

DKK 215,872


Support for Doctors Without Borders’ efforts in Ukraine 

Doctors Without Boarders Anne-Mette Krøyer DKK 2,500,000