New member of COWIfonden's board of directors - May 2022


COWIfonden welcomes Lisbeth M. Ottosen as a new member of COWIfonden's Board of Directors from 25 May 2022. COWIfonden is the majority shareholder in the COWI Group.

As a new external member of COWIfonden's Board of Directors, COWIfonden's Board of Directors has appointed:

Lisbeth M. Ottosen, Professor and Head of Section for Materials and Durability at the Technical University of Denmark; DTU Sustain. She takes the place of Martin P. Bendsøe Dr. techn, former SVP, dean and professor at the Technical University of Denmark. The change took place in connection with the Foundation Meeting on 25 May 2022.

Lisbeth Ottosen is an experienced researcher. Her research is threefold and connected to reuse and recycling of materials in the support of a circular economy:

1. Recovery of elemental resources such as nutrients and heavy metal

2. Utilization of secondary resources in the production of construction materials

3. Non-destructive testing for documentation of properties of basic building components for reuse.

Lisbeth Ottosen is highly engaged in European standardization on implementing a Circular Economy in the construction sector. In addition, her research team leads and participates in several Horizon Europe projects as well as Danish projects on circular economy. As a teacher, Lisbeth Ottosen and her team were awarded the 2017 award: "The DTU Award for Developing Teaching and Learning".

Since 2018, Lisbeth Ottosen has been a member of DTU's "the Academic Council" who has the following purpose: "The Academic Council works to ensure DTU's academic activities are conducted in a participatory and consultative manner, with input from the wider academic community at the University".

COWI have had several collaborations with Lisbeth Ottosen and her team at DTU, primarily within the areas of concrete durability and groundwater remediation. 

Lisbeth Ottosen's publication list is impressive. She has published about 300 journal and conference papers herself and together with colleagues.

As of 25 May 2022, COWIfonden's Board of Directors has the following composition:

  • Anton Petersen (Chairman)
  • Peter Hostrup Rasmussen (Vice Chairman)
  • Suzanne C. Beckmann
  • Lisbeth M. Ottosen
  • Tina Vejrum 
  • David MacKenzie
  • Heidi Lund Hansen 
  • Marius Sekse
  • Anna Kathrine Bisgaard Sørensen


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