To help promote innovation and professional development, COWIfonden has decided to set aside 2 MDKK in 2023. COWIfonden will support innovative initiatives based on ongoing discussions and collaborations with partners, experimental work, physical and digital prototyping, but also contributions at workshops, hackathons and conferences for employees in COWI Group companies.

COWIfonden does not provide donations to business development or daily operations within COWI, e.g. training of employees or development of IT tools which may increase the employees' efficiency. Additionally, it is a requirement that the innovation initiatives are relevant outside COWI, and that the results will be made available to the public. 

Ideas related to the COWI Group's professional fields of activity are welcome.

Who can apply

Employees in COWI companies and partners in collaboration with COWI employees.

Application process

  • Ideas can be submitted continuously.
  • A simple idea description (link) should be completed in English and submitted to COWIfonden by email (
  • Applicants are usually notified of COWIfonden’s decision within two weeks after submission of an application. COWIfonden does not assess applications during July 2023.


  • Applicants can apply for DKK 50,000, 75,000 or 100,000.
  • The donation will be paid out to the COWI /Arkitema department.


  • Activities or projects that apply to “Fast & Furious” should be completed within six months from reception of the donation letter.
  • Every six months, an “award night” will be arranged virtually, where all receivers must pitch (max. 5 min) their findings for COWI and COWIfonden. This session will be recorded for external use.
  • Funding will not be awarded to the same applicant more than twice to secure possibilities for a broad group of applicants.


Project findings are required to be published/made available to the public through the pitch. In addition, it may be considered to include dissemination through publication in international magazines, participation in conferences, social media, release of open source knowledge and software, and the like.

Contact information

If you need more information, please contact COWIfonden technical and administrative secretary Joan Maj Nielsen (