COWIfonden welcomes Anna Kathrine Bisgaard Sørensen and Marius Sekse as new COWIfonden board members as of 27 May 2020. COWIfonden is the main shareholder of the COWI Group. 

As new internal members of the board of COWIfonden, the following were elected by COWI Holding employees at the employee election of January 2020: Anna Kathrine Bisgaard Sørensen of Arkitema, who replaced Kenneth C. Kleissl, COWI International, Transportation, and Marius Sekse of COWI AS, Norway, who replaced Kristin Sandberg, COWI AB, Sweden. The changes were effected at the COWIfonden board meeting held on 27 May. 

Anna Kathrine Bisgaard Sørensen works as Creative Leader with Arkitema Architects, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of COWI Holding. Anne Kathrine graduated as architect MAA from the Aarhus School of Architecture, and previously worked with SHL Architects on, e.g., distinct cultural projects such as the ARoS Aarhus art museum. A specialist in holistic architecture development, orchestration and management of such, with experience in a wide range of project types with Arkitema, she has spent recent years developing solutions for knowledge and learning environments. Thereby, she has gained broad and deep experience in relocating, co-locating, transforming and creating knowledge-intensive university environments, libraries and schools with high-complexity customer organisations. To Kathrine, sustainability and circularity are core to any project. Kathrine holds a number of honorary offices in architecture and related disciplines. For instance, she acts as design professional in architectural competitions and as examiner at schools of architecture and engineering, while being an active speaker in her discipline. 

Marius Sekse is R&D Director and Digital Lead in the Transport and Urban Planning division, COWI in Norway. Marius graduated from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences with an MSc in Landscape Architecture in 2006. Subsequently, he has completed a range of course in digitalisation, and in 2020 he was certified within Virtual Design and Construction at Stanford University. Marius joined COWI in 2009 and has been involved in many infrastructure projects, where BIM has been a key element. His competencies include: digital management and development of interdisciplinary projects, project management, and security consultancy. Marius is a diligent writer of articles and speaker at national and international conferences focusing on landscape architecture and BIM. From 2017 to 2020, Marius served as employee-elected member on the board of COWI Holding, and from 2015 to 2019, he was on the advisory board for the Geofuture II R&D project – developing a BIM platform project in geotechnical engineering.  

As of 28 May 2020, the board of COWIfonden is made up of: 

  • Anton Petersen (Chairman)
  • Martin P. Bendsøe (Vice Chairman)
  • Suzanne C. Beckmann
  • Ejgil Martin Veje
  • Anders Jacobsson
  • Tina Vejrum 
  • Heidi Lund Hansen 
  • Marius Sekse
  • Anna Kathrine Bisgaard Sørensen.


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