Donations 2018

autumn 2018

Project title Institution Applicant Donation
Financing of research by Aquateam COWI AS Aquateam COWI AS Jørn Christen Johnsen NOK 4,500,000
Enhancements to CAST (Computer-Aided Strut-and-Tie) Analysis and Design Tool COWI North Amerika Ltd. Tjen Tjhin DKK 553,010
ATV’s Science & Engineering Project. Phase II ATV Lia Leffland DKK 750,000
Specification and measurability of the UN sustainable development goals (SDG) COWI A/S Susanne Vedel Hjuler DKK 1,040,000
Reduction of infrasound – alternative noise-control strategy using anti-noise and large speakers COWI A/S Rasmus Lyngdal-Christensen DKK 361,523
COWIfonden support to international conference about the future working environment IDA Arbejdsmiljø and DTU Management Engineering Rikke Seim DKK 50,000
Research stay at the New South Wales University, Sydney, Australia Integration of Gas, District Heating and the Electric Power Systems – Integrated Simulation Framework Technical University of Denmark
Electrical Engineering
Jiawei Wang DKK 20,000
Research stay at New York University, The Center for Experimental Social Science Aarhus University Erla Hronn Hardardottir DKK 20,000
Industrial PhD project between Aarhus University and COWI
COWI A/S and Aarhus University
Jannie Knudsen
DKK 450,000
DKK 200,000 
Complex 3D concrete structures –
Computer-based calculation tool and experimental studies
DTU BYG / COWI BTM Linh Cao Hoang DKK 3,996,750
Blockchain for bio-based value chains - Using blockchain technology to accelerate sustainability, transparency and traceability in bio-based value chains COWI A/S Asger Strange Olesen DKK 2,999,750

spring 2018

Project title Institution Applicant Donation DKK
"Unge Forskere" - (Young researchers) is Denmark's largest talent competition for children and young people with interest in natural science, technology or health science Astra - Unge Forskere Katrine Bruhn Holck 150,000
UNF Danmark. The Danish youth association works for dissemination of natural science and technology among children and young people Ungdommens Naturvidenskabelige Forening (UNF) Rasmus Østergaard  150,000
Research study at Berkeley University. Productivity optimisation of renovation projects by use of lean tools Aarhus University Hasse Højgaard Neve  20,000
CO2 degassing from Danish lakes and streams University of Copenhagen Kaj Sand-Jensen  292,263
Fire Protection of Bridge Cable Systems COWI A/S Jakob Laigaard Jensen  1,003,260
Floating Bridge Design and Optimization Technical University of Denmark Yanlin Shao  232,142
Linking the role of carbon and nitrogen on the fate of organic micropollutants in aquatic systems Aarhus University Pedro Carvalho  305,220
Ultra-micro balance for weighing micro rubber in environmental samples Aalborg University  Asbjørn Haaning Nielsen  116,115
The mystery of salt damages - a challenge for consultants Technical University of Denmark  Inge Rørig-Dalgaard  300,000
Room for Recovery - Healing architecture in psychiatry. Research stay at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology Copenhagen Business School Thorben Simonsen  20,000
Data and model based mapping of cyclists' behaviour with focus on cyclist infrastructure, crowded traffic and road surface Technical University of Denmark Anders Fjendbo Jensen  30,000
NORDROCS 2018 - crossing borders. A Nordic conference on abatement soil and groundwater contamination NORDROCS 2018 v/ATV Fonden for Jord og Grundvand Lisbeth Verner  25,000
Impacts on individuals caused by structural changes. A mechanical approach to economic calculations Aarhus University Nicolaj Nørgaard Mühlbach  20,000
Research stay at Berkeley, Autumn 2018 Aarhus University Carsten Andersen

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