Universities, research institutes, well-established organisations or individuals are eligible for donations. Activities that receive donations must be anchored in a solid professional environment.


Deadline for submission of detailed application is 1 April and 1 October at 12:00 (CET). Forwarding of documents is not accepted.

Applications must be sent to COWIfonden by email,, as one Adobe (PDF) document with the following content in the presented order:

  • Filled-in application form in editable format
  • Detailed application
  • Appendices to application.

The detailed application must state the following information:

  • Name of the applicant(s) and background
  • CVs of the key persons involved (appendix)
  • The purpose of the project
  • Description of project activities
  • Expected results and relevance for society at large
  • Description of how data can be utilised (for projects consisting of data collection only) 
  • The news value and the target group
  • Dissemination of the achieved results
  • The amount applied for and specified budget (hours and amount applied for per activity). This budget template must be used for the preparation of the specified budget
  • Information on possible self-financing
  • Time schedule and milestones
  • Concurrent application to other foundations/donors where relevant
  • Signed statement of support from department director or VP at COWI and cooperation partners. The statement of support must include information regarding possible self-financing
  • Information on whether the applicant/project manager has previously received a donation from COWIfonden.

Applicants are usually notified of COWIfonden’s decision in, respectively, mid-June and mid-December.


The application form and the application must be prepared in English.


The amount applied for must match the project objective.


Representative donations and sizes of donations are available on the website and in the annual report of COWIfonden.

You may apply for funds to cover:

  • Fee corresponding to salary expenses/basic salary rate plus an overhead of DKK 175/hour for all project partners
  • Other project-related costs (e.g., equipment, air tickets) corresponding to direct expenses plus a 20 per cent overhead.

Self-financing of purchase of larger research equipment is expected to be in the magnitude of 50%.


Project results are required to be published/made available to the public. For instance, that may include dissemination through publication in international magazines, participation in international conferences, release of open source software and the like.

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