Application guide and donation application form


Inquiries should be submitted by email to

Application to COWIfonden must be done by filling in and submission of the application form to

In addition, it is required to submit a more detailed application, which MUST state the following information:

  • Name of the applicant(s) and background
  • The purpose and nature of the activity that the application concerns
  • Expected results and relevance for research community and society at large
  • The activity’s ‘news value’ and potentially interested parties
  • The sum applied for, specified budget (input and applied sum for each activity) and time schedule
  • Concurrent application to other donors where relevant
  • Signed statement of support from head of department and partners. The statement of support must include information regarding own-financing.

Please note that COWIfonden does not award donations to students in connection with the completion of their graduate studies, for example towards journeys for study and training purposes. 

COWIfonden supports industrial Ph.D. studies for employees at COWI Group companies.


COWIfonden grants donations to fee (salary expenses+ OH [DKK 175 per hour]). In general, project related expenses are covered with an overhead of 20 %.

COWIfonden grants donations to salary expenses for industrial Ph.D. studies with DKK 450,000 distributed with DKK 150,000 per year over a three year period. In addition, it is possible to apply for support to carry out experimental research. It is only possible to apply for support for industrial Ph.D. studies once.


Each year, COWIfonden supports 1-2 COWI industrial Ph.D. students. Annual donations average in total DKK 10-12 million. The size of donations varies.


There are two application deadlines every year - 1 April and 1 October. Applications submitted by 1 April will be replied to at the end of May. Applications submitted by 1 October will be replied to by the end of November.

COWIfonden does not provide grants to activities which are partly or completely finished at the time of processing by the Board of Directors. Applications are being processed mid-May and mid-November.

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