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Projects - 2010

Support to the Danish Youth Association of Natural Sciences 2010/2010
Danish Youth Association of Natural Sciences
Rune Thode Nielsen
DKK 15,000

"Green Vision"
Technical University of Denmark, DTU at Risø
Sebastian Krumhausen
DKK 50,000

Operational Support to Engineers without Boarders
Engineers without Boarders
Steen Frederiksen
DKK 300,000

The event "Young Scientists 2010"
Young Scientists, The Secretariat
Per Falholt
DKK 25,000

Workshop: Household Energy and Health
Peter Normann Vangsbo
DKK 20,000

Research Stay Abroad: Indoor climate
DTU Civil Engineering
Jørn Toftum
DKK 15,000

Publication of Energiwiki.dk
Dorte Nørregaard Larsen
DKK 95,000

Numeric Simulations of Wind Effects on Building and Urban Areas
DTU Civil Engineering
Holger Koss
DKK 60,000

Nordic Meeting on remediation of Contaminated Sites
Lisbeth Verner
DKK 11,200

The scientists' academy - television series
DR (Danish Broadcasting Corporation)
Christian Holtet
DKK 300,000

Publishing of the textbook ”Cable Supported Bridges: Concept and Design”
DTU Civil Engineering
Christos T. Georgakis
DKK 160,000

Appropriate acoustics in concert halls for pop and rock music
Niels Werner Larsen
DKK 25,000

Update of the textbook ”Urban drainage”
DTU Environment / COWI
Leo Lund Mathiasen
DKK 140,000

Participation in conference regarding work-related stress
DTU Management
Christine Ipsen
DK 18,500

Design of Joints in Composite Bridge Decks
University of Southern Denmark
Linh Cao Hoang
DKK 200,000

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